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Help - Date Search

The Date Search is a powerful way to access entries for a given date or multiple dates.

To read entries for a given date, enter that date in M/D/Y format (M = Month, D = Day, Y = Year) in the Date Filter text input field, then submit using the "Search" button. The earliest entry for this blog is dated February 17, 2005.

To read entries for multiple dates, the wildcard character '?' can be used to represent any single character, and a single '*' can represent any date component.

Example 1: 01/01/2005 or 1/1/05 displays entries posted on January 1, 2005.

Example 2: 01/*/2005 displays entries posted in January, 2005.

Example 3: */*/2005 displays entries posted in 2005.

Example 4: 1/2?/2005 displays entries posted from January 20, 2005 through January 29, 2005.

Example 5: */1/2005 displays entries posted on the first day of each month in 2005.

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