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Topic: Everyman Help Desk
Posted by Everyman - 05:47:30 EDT

Blackfive - a daily stop for me - recently provided a helpful list of MilBlogs to visit.

One of the more dramatic developments of the technology in this laptop of mine, brought to me as one of those who only sits in his living rooms in his pajamas, noticing such things and writing them in his public diary, is the voice it has given to our military men and women.

And the attention it has given to their exploits, their challenges, their accomplishments.

It's not something you are going to find, day-to-day, in the MSM - other than the occasional local interest story, the account of a soldier, sailor or marine from your town or the next town over, a focus that, if anything, tends to make the military experience seem smaller than it is - and it's something that any thinking person should want to know a good deal about.

The country benefits from an ongoing, no-holds-barred debate over its foreign policy objectives, particularly when the lives of its citizens are being put on the line.

The debate benefits from people - citizens - made aware of what military personnel think and feel.

Who know, so much better than we can ever know, what it is all about.


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