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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 11:18:12 EST

Peter, Roman Catholics believe, was the first Pope.

Peter was a fisherman.


Peter's latest successor is about to be elected by the College of Cardinals.

The fishermen who are Peter's successors to that ancient trade are in the process of disappearing, having been eliminated by the foolishness of "modern" government and its pseudo-science, its computer modeling, its unquenchable thirst for power, its worshiping at the altar of environmentalism.

A recent editorial in the Gloucester Times makes the point:

When NOAA first launched its on-board fisheries observer program, it took less than two months for stories about absolutely clueless and unqualified "observers" hired for the job wreaking havoc while going about their contrived duties.

One observer showed up at the pier for a day-boat assignment with eight suitcases, perhaps dreaming of boarding an ocean liner out of Cruiseport, not jumping aboard a 55-foot gillnetter. Another tinkered with, then broke Gloucester fisherman Joe Orlando’s essential, on-board communications equipment. And there were endless tales of landlubbing observers spending an entire trip seasick, hardly conducive to collecting any meaningful "observation' data even if the NOAA plants knew where to look.

At least some of those fishermen's complaints found their way in 2010 to Amy Van Atten, who coordinated NOAA's regional observer program at the time. And, during an information gathering session that June, Van Atten and other NOAA officials promised to tackle those issues and work toward improvement.

Yet, as noted in Richard Gaines' Page 1 Wednesday story headlined "A fishermen's tale," one of the government hurdles facing Gloucester captain Don Smith on his regulatory-ravaged trip beyond a closed area was the need to deal with a NOAA observer who spent the entire trip seasick, vomiting both inside and outside the boat.

And what sorts of ruinous regulations are resulting from the seasickness and general incompetence of those observers, spelling an end to the fishing industry as we know it?

New England fishermen facing a dire future for their industry asked Congress in a letter Tuesday for immediate help surviving deep and impending cuts to their catch limits.

The letter, signed by 173 fishermen in ports from Connecticut to Maine, came as the industry prepares for May 1 catch reductions that fishermen warn could finish off the fleet.

A 77 percent cut in the catch limit for cod in the Gulf of Maine and a 61 percent decrease in the cod limit in Georges Bank, off southeastern New England, are the most significant in an array of 2013 catch reductions on bottom-dwelling groundfish.

The letter described the situation as "simply unbelievable" following rosy promises by regulators of healthier fish stocks and economic stability if previous regulations were enacted.

"There is no stability," said the letter, which was sent to 14 regional Congressmen and 12 U.S. Senators. "There are only repeated, record reductions in catch limits. Prosperity is a discarded dream. This is a real disaster."

The letter blamed "the failure of government policies and programs" to accept that current science is inadequate to effectively manage the fishery. It said the fleet has fished within government-set catch limits on every species for nearly a decade.

"We lived within their quotas, but it is now our businesses, our families and our communities that will be paying the price," the fishermen wrote.

Environmentalism - a religion by any honest test and sense of the word - continues to run amok among us, which is what our forefathers considered likely if government were to be allowed to promote religion(s), and so the First Amendment was passed.

No prayer in public schools, and in the name of environmentalism, no prayer of reasonable governance on the high seas.

Will intervention by a do-nothing Congress come to the rescue?

Or, sadly as likely, will divine intervention be needed?

NOAA relentlessly builds its arc.

No non-believers will be permitted on board.


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