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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 20:14:14 EST

Medical adventure.

I never knew how entertaining the world of modern medicine could be.

Seven years ago, in the space of only a month or so, I learned - not once but twice - of life-threatening but asymptomatic conditions by accident, as a result of scans done as part of other, fairly routine, diagnostic exercises.

cat scan

Both ended well, in a manner of speaking. Both led to life-saving treatment which I might never have known that I needed until the need had passed, and so had I.

Today, behind Door Number Three, maybe another, as I follow up on a routine chest x-ray with one of those feline things, a cat scan.

Ohboy, ohboy, ohboy, ohboy.

And once more the suspense begins to build.

I'll let you know.

But no worries, animal lovers.

The cat won't feel a thing.

Good News:

I didn't feel a thing either.

No result reported to me yet.

So . . .
We'll see.


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