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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 09:35:38 EST

Blood vessels in the nose can break, just like that?


Who knew?

I found out, last Wednesday, to start my day, and during trips to two hospitals before the day (night) was out, one for the emergency room, one for the room and the bed for a couple of days as the nose packing went in and then, with a quite wonderful sneeze the next day, came out. And an early-morning ambulance run from one hospital to another - careening down to the Lahey Clinic, not one of my favorite institutions, but hey, no complaints here - and as always, the people who see you through these sorts of things were terrific, helpful, warm, reassuring, caring.

Talk about relief!

Lotsa blood, for sure. We found out that it can be made to go away - from my clothes, from my beard, from wherever it ended up (which is to say, just about everywhere) - with hydrogen peroxide.

Again, who knew?

Anyway, a few days full of sound and fury and, as it turned out, happily . . .

Not signifying much.


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