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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 17:15:01 EST

It's taken four tries, but at last there's a granddaughter in the house.

Her gender was unknown to all, by design - it's a family tradition not to know until the ta-da moment in the delivery room - and we were most pleased to cross over to the distaff side for a change.


And, well, not this house - a daughter's house not far from here - and the little lady, Elizabeth by name, made her grand entrance yesterday, one day after her oldest brother's eighth birthday. Six pounds, nine ounces, 19 inches, and both mom and daughter are in excellent shape coming out of the birthing event.

January may not be a busy month in its own right, but April seems to be. Three out of four are January children, by birthday at least, and April by conception.

Spring is obviously when a young dad's attention turns to . . .

Well, you know.

And yes, cigars would be appreciated by the family's elder citizen.


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