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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 20:22:45 EST

And other, ordinary things that can be scary if misused.


Let's face it: many of the effete urban elites are just plain askeered of guns. Afraid to touch one, but no problem driving their lethal Volvos to their vacation homes or hiding behind armed security guards or bodyguards in their hotels, banks, office buildings, private roads, and private schools.

Guns go "boom", and make holes in things. However, I shoot with many of the non-effete elite, and they are all quite comfortable with guns. They run businesses, or are heirs to fortunes, or are doctors and lawyers. They are outdoor people, know how to protect themselves and their families, and they read books, too. These guys I know tend to have lots of firearms.

Firearms are not just for criminals. They are basic life tools, like hammers.

Can we stop listening to people like this get back to talking about the economy now?



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