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Operation Mali
Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 14:20:56 EST



Here’s another classic headline from Boston, this time from the Boston Globe.

"US inadvertently creates a terrorist haven in Mali".

Whoops, indeed.

This catastrophe did not “just happen.” It is the direct result of an episode that may at first seem unrelated: the US-led intervention in Libya last year. Rarely in recent times has there been a more vivid example of how such interventions can produce devastating unexpected results.

Actually it was not unexpected. The Founding Fathers foresaw the possibility that one thing might lead to another long ago. One of the reasons they vested the power to declare war in Congress was to make sure the proposal got debated and to force politicians to put their names to the act. But now we have "kinetic military action", "leading from behind" and "responsibility to protect" in place of war.

And besides, who needs the Constitution any more?

But if anyone thinks that the persons who gave you Libya are feeling chastened and guilty for their reckless actions, think again. As Senator Ted Cruz put it, the president is "feeling right now high on his own power".

Libya’s history now.

It’s on to something else.

And likely, as is so often the case when the solemn , the serious and the deadly turn into something so farcical, it will prove to be . . .

Nothing good.


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