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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 13:56:49 EST

In this modern age, time once spent in training, achieving skill levels, can now apparently be used to read brochures for machines - including, in this case, weapons - that take all of the drudgery out of practice and keep the art and science of killing neither up close nor personal.

But, as advertised, easier.

new gun

A controversial new Wi-Fi-enabled Ďsmart-guní equipped with a computerized scope that enables anyone to become a master marksman goes on sale at the beginning of next week.

Boasting three on-board processors and a precision guided firing system, the TrackingPoint rifle evaluates environmental factors such as wind speed and calculates the positions of moving targets with a claimed accuracy of almost a mile for novices.

It's called, by some, progress.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

And if killing's your game - for good or evil - I guess that's what it is.

Big "if" . . .



Ah, but . . .

The guns Americans assault other Americans with arenít "military-style assault weapons." It turns out that the most frightening firearms ó the ones with giant butt stocks, menacing muzzles, and elongated clips ó also prove the most difficult ones with which to commit undetectable crimes.

So, as shocking as it may seem to people whoíve replaced thinking with emoting, criminals rarely roam the streets with weapons the length of four-year-old children. Bad people generally prefer something more discreet. Real-life villains donít come straight from central casting. And the weapons they use almost never come from Die Hardís prop department.

An annual report released by California attorney general Kamala Harris called "Firearms Used in the Commission of Crimes" shows that the guns that scare us and the guns that kill us arenít one in the same. The most recent report details that handguns constitute 90 percent of firearms used in California crimes. What California calls "fully-automatic weapons" comprise less than one percent of firearms used in California crimes, with all guns classified as "assault weapons" under California law constituting just five percent of firearms used in crime.

The most popular firearm among Golden State criminals isnít an M16 or an elephant gun but a 9mm pistol.

Politics is all about the "visuals", of course, and what plays well for the camera, and for the semi-literate news readers who glamorize the screen with other than their intelligence, which is often seen, even by the casual observer, to be in short supply.

Street crime is more about the invisibles of what it is and what it does, and for that, the 9mm - though much less scary - is just dandy, and more deadly, as those who are the victims of crime know all-too-well.

No details at 11:00, then . . .

In the real world.


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