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Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 11:54:57 EST

Good enough, apparently, for government work.

july 1936

The hottest summer on record in the United States was the heat wave of 1936, when temperatures reached a sweltering 121 degree Fahrenheit in Steele, North Dakota on July 6, 1936. The heat wave, which took place during the height of the Dust Bowl, affected a total of eight states, and monthly records set during this weather pattern still stand in each of these states.

But a July 2012 SOTC report, issued in early August, announced that a new record had been set with the average July temperature for the contiguous United States at 77.6 degrees, one-fifth of a degree higher than in July 1936.

However, the NCDC now says the July 2012 average was actually about 76.9 degrees, nearly 0.7 degrees less. This is almost 0.5 degrees cooler than the 77.4 degrees claimed as the previous monthly record in 1936.

Half a degree here, half a degree there, and pretty soon we're talking real temperatures.

Except that, of course, as it seems inevitably to work out . . .

We aren't.


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