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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 12:25:09 EST

These are, to be sure, parlous times.

But not all bad. The Kyoto Treaty is dead.

R.I.P. (not).

kyoto gone

The controversial and ineffective Kyoto Protocolís first stage comes to an end today, leaving the world with 58 per cent more greenhouse gases than in 1990, as opposed to the five per cent reduction its signatories sought. Ė Max Paris, CBC News, 31 December 2012

As of today, the Kyoto protocol is a zombie treaty. Itís a corpse that keeps moving, but itís dead. Kyoto died Monday at midnight when the greenhouse gas cuts it set for 37 industrialized nations between 2008 and 2012 expired.

The people who promoted the treaty - Al Gore; you have a call - have not gone away, of course, nor will they, anytime soon. They've made far too much money, created a shortage of zeroes in the process, and they will want to be back for more . . .


But the wind is gone from their sails, never to return, and the sun is once more . . . just the sun: warm and life-giving.

We can go on breathing easily, comfortably, even though it's CO2 we're exhaling, and the EPA's dogged insistence that we're polluting our environment by doing so will continue to qualify for inclusion in the Crazy Hall of Fame.

And so it will go.


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