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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 10:40:50 EST

Given the date today, our "hand" has four deuces in it, so in this let's-pretend deal, we start off with a lock on five-of-a-kind, and almost as good on a Royal Straight Flush, if the five-of-a-kind doesn't beat that and if we can come up with a high spade to do the dirty, as they say.

I learned to play poker from my grandmother. Deuces and one-eyed Jacks (Itchy Belly and the Man with the Axe), Baseball, games like that.

Can you tell?

Okay, not exactly blood-and-guts Texas holdem, I agree.


But I'm going away tomorrow to spend Christmas with family, and Toshiba-san is staying here for the non. Indeed, shutting the E-Man down for the balance of 2012 - the whole 9 days - is my plan.

In case, you know, you wondered.

In case you wanted to come up with a plan of your own to get to the New Year . . .

Mayan, Gregorian, or whatever.


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