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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 11:00:46 EST

No, no.

The answer, dear Brutus, is in ourselves.


Or at least in Wikipedia:

Many assertions about the year 2012 form part of Mayanism, a non-codified collection of New Age beliefs about ancient Maya wisdom and spirituality . . .

Archaeoastronomer Anthony Aveni says that while the idea of "balancing the cosmos" was prominent in ancient Maya literature, the 2012 phenomenon does not draw from those traditions. Instead, it is bound up with American concepts such as the New Age movement, millenarianism, and the belief in secret knowledge from distant times and places.

Established themes found in 2012 literature include "suspicion towards mainstream Western culture", the idea of spiritual evolution, and the possibility of leading the world into the New Age by individual example or by a group's joined consciousness.

I wonder what academic path of studies leads to a career as an archaeoastronomer.

I went to elementary school with someone named Anthony Aveni.

Same guy?

I'll have to ask.


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