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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 12:08:23 EST

Where it's now tomorrow . . .

It's now tomorrow.

no mayan end

No THE END rising up from the sea.

Big WHEW instead.


The Mayan's global practical joke was just that.

Make a note of it, if you will . . .

On your calendar.


The very fact of an update tells it all.

We're still here, too.

That said, the possible end of anything can bring out the best in any of us.

wild bill

Exhibit "A"

Wild Bill Hickok probably said all there was to say in a poignant last letter to his wife written shortly before drawing that fatal card hand in the Deadwood saloon.

"Agnes Darling, if such should be we never meet again, while firing my last shot, I will gently breathe the name of my wife Agnes and with wishes even for my enemies I will make the plunge and try to swim to the other shore."

I'm going shamelessly with the notion that they did, indeed, meet again, at least in the by-and-by, and are together there, still.

Incurable romantic that I am.


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