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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 11:36:52 EST

As I have listened and read about the horrific events in a small school in Connecticut - about which, more tomorrow - my thoughts have turned to one of the wordsmiths of our age, George Carlin, now gone to his own reward.


He comes to mind when I encounter words like this:

The odds are extremely high that the killer was either afflicted with an antisocial personality disorder meaning a person without conscience or empathy or suffering from some other personality disorder.

What's wrong with the single word "psychopath"?

Why is the generic "personality disorder" to be preferred?

An inordinately shy boy or girl - or a loudmouthed bully, for that matter - may have a "personality disorder".

No harm (or not much; nothing lethal), no foul.

Or, as Carlin asked . . .

Why is post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome better than "shell-shocked"?

Why are we so determined to sit idly by and suffer the dumbing down our language?

When and why did a spade stop being a spade?

No politically-incorrect, or insensitive, offense intended.


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