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Fighting Sioux
Topic: Just Wondering
Posted by Everyman - 14:14:22 EST

The University of North Dakota has been banned by the NCAA from calling its sports teams by the nickname, "Fighting Sioux".

fighting sioux

Tests my gag reflex, but that's just me and I hope lots of others.

But it also leaves me wondering . . .

fighting irish

How is it that the Fighting Irish are acceptable?

And indeed, if we recall the Johnny Cash song, why do the bien pensants in North Dakota - oh yeah, they have them there, too - not change the nickname to . . .

The Fighting (Boy Named) Sue?


Excuse me, please, for so crudely wondering . . .

So who's fighting Sue, anyway?

And why?

Are you sure she's fighting anyone?


Okay . . .

So sue me.


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