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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 21:25:28 EST


I mean, like . . .


And in a few more hours, if we're paying attention, there's a 12/12/12 12:12:12 on our clocks, too. Three times, and that's just in this country.

Around the world?

Make it 12 times, at least (there are some half hour splits on time zones in weird places, and I'm not sure - and I'm not going to check - how many of those).


Not just a Left Coast Thing either, but that, too.

Like . . .


The excitement, the anticipation.

Be still my foolish heart.

But, like, not too still, because life - LIFE - goes on, even after this date and time . . .

Even on the Mayan calendar.

Or so I hope.


Wait . . . that's not right.

That time comes around twice a day, not once - it's already been here, and God only knows if it's been everywhere else, or will be, before the day is done - so you have to double up on your thinking, get yourself into more of a 24 mode, or something.

Somehow it doesn't quite feel the same.

Over-thinking about it all?

Could be.


1,000 words before the day's end:


13 coming right up.


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