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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 12:44:35 EST

From the window of our Grand Hotel room, Stockholm, Sweden, December 31, 2005, a view of the royal residence, across the water of the harbor.

royal residence

We had retreated from the elegant restaurant in the hotel, where we had enjoyed a celebratory meal to mark our New Year's Eve wedding anniversary, with desert to be sent to the room.

The swans, flocked beneath our windows during the day, had retired for the night, perhaps knowing about the fireworks to come to greet the new year.

I was dealing with some sort of respiratory distress - a matter for antibiotics, I was certain - and did not realize that, within a matter of a month or two, I would be lying on an unyieldingly hard table in an operating theater, a surgeon at work in my coronary arteries in the hope of avoiding the need for a bypass procedure, a very kind nurse holding my hand - I was awake of course - to provide some reassurance that it would all work out well, or reasonably so.

Respiratory distress?

Not exactly, as I would soon learn.

Ah yes, I remember it well . . .

If not fondly.


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