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Tailgate Breakfast
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 09:10:22 EST

Does anyone do that?


There's a big football game - Patriots and Houston - in Foxboro (or, if you want to be determinedly accurate, Foxborough, as our English forefathers intended it to be) tonight, and fandom is up for the occasion.

But a tailgating breakfast?

Google Images has lots for such an occasion, so I guess so.

It's a rainy day in New England today, so probably not, or at least not this year.

But flapjacks and sausage and other gameday fixins?

Which would mean a tailgate lunch, tailgate tea time, tailgate dinner too, I suppose.

Yeah, I could suppose that, if not for me or mine, for the crazies out there who are already calling into work sick, just to get into the mood of things.

Win, and the world wins with us; lose, and . . .

Oh well.


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