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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 10:33:46 EST

It seems that Uber Mom Michelle, acting with the imprimatur of the USDA, is going to let your kids, fatties that they are, have a bit of additional substance in their school meals.



Let them eat meat.

The Agriculture Department plans to do away with limits on the amount of meats and grains that students can have in their school lunches, following complaints from parents and lawmakers alike.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack wrote to members of Congress Friday announcing that his department would scrap daily and weekly maximums for the foods. It comes after lawmakers wrote to his department saying kids weren’t getting enough to eat under the rules, and school administrators complained that the regulations were hindering their ability to plan daily meals.

There now. And they say that the government is not responsive to our needs.

That'll teach 'em.

Coming up next, I'm sure, is some easing of the requirement of chewing the school lunch food so many times, but only to give the kids more time on the playground at recess, where their activities will be strictly monitored for compliance with exercise mandates.

The pursuit of government-approved happiness . . .

One lunch at a time.


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