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Posted by Everyman - 12:21:46 EST

Today's Boston Globe - the unthinking man's daily newspaper now online (sort of) - has a feature article on people who have died in the year just ending.

Famous (or as the Globe would have it, notable) people, that is.

The little people, not so much.

Among the notables - which include, naturally, Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, and Dr. Joseph E. Murray, who conducted the world’s first successful organ transplant on Christmas Eve 1954, is, less naturally in my mind, Mary Kennedy, yet another Kennedy woman whose life's end was more than a bit less exciting than her first splash in news circles and on society pages when she became a smiling, yet one more unaware member of that sad sorority.

Mary, 52, had spent that time "staying in bed by herself," which the caretaker claimed kept her from cleaning her room, according to the police.

Mary, she said, had "asked me to pray for her, because she got more bad news from her lawyer."

While the report doesn't specify the nature of the bad news, her friends say she had been despondent over the custody battle with Bobby over their four kids: Conor, 18, Kyra, 16, Fin, 14, and Aidan, 11.

"I thought something was wrong with her," said the caretaker. "I told Bobby ... that she needs help." Bobby then reportedly told the caretaker he couldn't help her because, he claimed, "she doesn't want to help herself."

According to the Westchester Journal News, Mary "was also very worried that her dog Cupid was pregnant and Robert Kennedy would be very upset with her because she was supposed to have the dog neutered."

On the afternoon of May 16, Mary's Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor met with Bobby. "He was worried that something had happened to Mary and that she may have hurt herself," the sponsor said.

Later that day, her body was found hanging from the rafters of the barn.

Such is the nature of fame and fortune in this Commonwealth of ours.

Fleeting . . .

At best.

And not very worthy for very long, as it happens.


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