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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 12:00:57 EST

I awoke this morning to the sound of church bells in the air - cascading from steeples and towers (no minarets of which I am aware) in the city - and a lovely sound it was.


Church bells somehow sound finer once the month of December gets underway - much better than on the last Sunday of November, oddly enough - and although my faith tells me the reason for that, I'll spare you my thinking on the matter.

Something like 25 years ago I was in Hawaii (on business) on December 1 - the air was, as it generally was and is, warm and a bit humid, soft, welcoming in its own way (which is most definitely not the New England way) - and so the perfect setting for afternoon mai tais, hors d'oeuvres which the locals call pu-pu's and the like.

I recall that I returned from the islands on a Saturday and so awoke to an early December Sunday, one that dawned crisp and clear - something like 13 degrees of coldness - and that I reveled in the cold, impossibly clean and clear air of the day, mindful of the difference of the air in the South Pacific, and very much preferring the air back home, and the sound of the bells it carried to me that morning.

I still do, or would.


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