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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 09:35:44 EST

Another stimulus that . . . didn't.


The little-reported bankruptcy of a relatively small electric vehicle battery manufacturer last month illustrates the many problems with President Obama's green energy stimulus program, and why the more appropriate location for the ramblin’, gamblin' White House might be Las Vegas.

This smaller (compared to other Recovery Act beneficiaries) example is ReVolt Technology, which relocated from Switzerland to Oregon to take advantage of a $5 million Recovery Act grant from the Department of Energy in order to develop and mass-produce a "zinc-air" vehicle battery.

Federal money wasn't the only attraction. The company also received $5 million in city and state loans, as well as business energy tax credits. Thus we have another alternative energy failure – much like the many wind, solar and electric vehicle busts that have been archived by Obama administration watchdogs – that went belly-up once the government money ran out.

Yet another failure that will not be much reported (if at all), another example of government poorly spending our money.

As if we needed another example.

Revoltin' . . .

And then some.


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