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Posted by Everyman - 09:17:40 EST

One of our Boston Celtics, Rajon Rondo, got himself ejected for fighting from a game last night against the Brooklyn Nets (oh yeah; they've moved).

Rondo took exception to what he felt was a unnecessarily hard foul against his teammate, Kevin Garnett.


Rondo had a record streak for assists going for him, a streak now broken, just short of his goal of becoming the best assist machine in the history of the game.

A few years ago, a catcher by the name of Varitek took on a guy from the hated Yankees - name of A-Rod - by sticking his glove in the latter's face when he was trash talking a Sox pitcher, and the rest, as we like to say, is history, and the first World Series win for the good guys in 86 years.

Good stuff, then and now.


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