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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 09:29:39 EST

A doctor's appointment this afternoon, with an unusual (at least for me) goal.

I've been taking what seems like a pretty stiff dose - 900 milligrams a day - of something called gabapentin.


It has eased a bit of lifelong lower back pain, but the side effects are, well, to die for, too.

Basic cost/benefit question.

I've decided that the cost is simply not worth the benefit.

So . . .

Withdrawal city, it looks like.

man with . . .

Well, maybe not exactly Man with the Golden Arm kind of thing, but Dr. Google tells me that it could be tricky, so I'll get the story on that from the doctor who prescribed it - I recall no talk about the side effects at the time he did so, but hey, no one's perfect - in part because there can be an addiction involved (also never mentioned).

Off it, starting today, tomorrow.

And we'll see.


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