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Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 17:19:42 EST


When I was a young boy, my dad worked full time at an executive position in the food industry, and part-time, wearing a long white coat ('t was the fashion of the times, still observed today) on the floor of a grocery store, on Thursday and Friday evenings, and on Saturday.

The grocery store was some distance from where we lived, a distance that - because we had no car during the war years - was covered using public transportation, specifically two different streetcar lines, a subway line, and a bus line each way. I'm not sure how long a trip it was, but I'd be surprised if it was less than an hour and a half, maybe more.

Oh, and did I mention that he also brought home most of the family's groceries on one of those trips?

Yeah, that too. And he was just another white guy.

He's been dead a long time now, but I suspect that he would have been amused by this story in today's Boston Globe.


Wide racial gap exists on speed of Boston-area commutes

Disparity particularly bad on buses, averaging 80 minutes more per week

Let's see.

80 minutes more, on commutes back-and-forth, so 40 minutes each way, say five days a week, so eight minutes more per commuting experience.

Oh, the humanity.

The racism.

It takes my breath away. Makes me throw up a little, in my mouth, if you get my drift.

And leaves me - I, too, am wholly dependent on public transportation these days, my Mercedes days behind me - ashamed.

Ashamed of what? Ashamed of whom?

Read the story in the newspaper online.

And you do the math.


The race still goes to the swift, it seems. It's just that it's hard to do swift on public transportation:

Note that the disparity basically disappears for those commuting by car. Obviously, mass transit is just the new Jim Crow!

Get the minorities a Volt!

Everybody (theoretically, at least) wins!

Government Motors sells out its stock of Volts, and has a captive customer to buy its turkey of an automobile. Cranberry sauce optional.


The darkies - uh, people of color; African-Americans who, along with their ancestors, may never have been within haling distance of Africa - get a car in the driveway, another part of the American dream realized, with or without employment, any purchase price (there will inevitably be give-aways) heavily subsidized.

What could possibly go wrong?


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