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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 19:40:14 EST

I was a bit unfair writing about the attempt by my son's company to use the Internet creatively.

frank damon
Frank Damon, Founder, and Agent, of Venture IAB

Too clever by half.

My bad.

Of course the quality of presentation still suffers from the limitations of the Internet media - Google Hangout is obviously not quite ready for prime time, if prime time means creating a platform of quality, good cameras (or, if they are meant to be done by subscribers, as I suppose they are, some way to make their webcams produce a viewable experience) crisp visuals, decent sound, the whole deal.

But then, both the company using that platform and even the creators of the platform should be praised for their pioneering efforts to use new technology to serve their respective audiences without having critics like me snarking about them and nipping at their heels.

We are going there, one creative effort at a time, and anyone who watched the parachute jump from 128,000 feet recently - with wonderful camera work and production values on YouTube - knows that the future is, indeed, on the near horizon and, once perfected, will provide a terrific and flexible viewing experience and reach-out by those who offer goods and services to the general public and to limited audiences alike.

So what I should have said was . . .

Good for you, guys.


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