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Posted by Everyman - 09:16:30 EST


My son, the Uber Agent, is an executive in a company whose business (or part of it) involves the placement of clients into commercial roles on television.

Yesterday, the company used a so-called Google Hangout to do a tutorial for those hoping to get work on television commercials, giving them tips for how to go about it, how to prepare for an audition, how to come across as serious professionals, and the like.

As you can see, and as I saw last night, it was a brilliant bit of satire.

Giving tips to aspiring commercial actors - be prepared, look professional, and the like - by having people from the company appear on a presentation with lousy sound, miserable lighting, using a technology that was poorly understood and poorly used, was very creative because it demonstrated exactly those things that would-be actors were being told they should avoid in order to get work in the business.


Kudos to whoever (whomever?) thought of it.


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