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Posted by Everyman - 11:10:55 EST

And tiptoe past these places.

10 Amazing Object Graveyards

sub grave

The area around Nezametnaya Cove, close to the town of Gadzhiyevo, in Murmansk Oblast on the Kola Peninsula, is a cemetery where is located a lot of old Russian submarines. After serving their duty underwater, the submarines were brought to this restricted-access zone in the 1970s and then forgotten.

sub grave

Locals said that some of the old submarines were used for target practice in military exercises and often sunk, an employment of the old “out of sight, out of mind” strategy. Others were simply left in the bay to rust and rot, floating to the surface like so many whale carcasses.

Be respectful of these old steel bones. Men - some honorable, some not so much - lived and died on them when they were part of a nation's military machine.

And be be reminded what happens to machines - and people - built and used by governments the world around, and then no longer thought useful, no longer needed . . .

And forgotten.


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