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Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 10:53:12 EST

Our (seemingly) esteemed president, that is.

Unaccountable . . . again.

Unaccountable still.

Joe Lieberman is on his way out of office, but as has so often been the case, he is not to be distracted by all the goings on in Washington, and he is interested (as we all should be) in getting to the heart of the matter.

obama watching

Capitol Hill lawmakers disagreed Sunday on the importance of U.S. Ambassador Susan Riceís role in the aftermath of the fatal Libya attacks, with independent Sen. Joe Lieberman arguing Republicans are taking a short-sighted approach by focusing on her public explanation of events.

Lieberman, I-Conn., said the more important questions are why amid intelligence showing Al Qaeda other militant or terror-related groups coming into eastern Libya did the United States leave State Department personnel there without security. And why didnít the Defense Department have nearby resources to come to their defense.

The politics of those involved is another red herring, just another distraction.

Where are the photographs of the president intently watching a video feed from an overhead drone as four Americans were under vicious attack and about to die because they were denied the military intervention - protection - they asked for and were denied, by his order?

Where is the press, the media, to ask what needs to be asked, publicly, unrelentingly, until answers are forthcoming?

The president, his Secretary of State, and his Secretary of Defense stood by as Americans were slaughtered on their watch and they, together and singularly, did nothing.


Where is the outrage?


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