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Rockets Falling On Israel
Topic: Just Wondering
Posted by Everyman - 12:16:13 EST

I have a thought.

israel bombed

If Hamas feels free to send rockets into the civilian population of Israel - including into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where there are Christian holy places thus put at risk of destruction - and if I were in charge (which would itself signal a major breakdown of what passes for international order), I would point out, pointedly, to Hamas and its enablers throughout the Arab World, wherever Islam flies its flag, that a beleaguered Jewish State, already seen as an outlaw by many in Europe and elsewhere, is more than capable, with or without fair warning, of visiting the holy places of Islam - Mecca, Medina, for openers - with bunker-busting bombs and reducing them to mere memories in the dust.

Tit for tat, you might say.

I'm thinking that might get their attention and bring the current siege to an abrupt end, with no further loss of life, no further damage on the ground.

A permanent ceasefire.

And why not . . .



On the other hand . . .

Or . . .


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