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How Does It Work?
Topic: Just Wondering
Posted by Everyman - 14:15:30 EST

This post is about process, not politics (just so we're clear on that).

Illinois, for example, goes to the incumbent president, or to his challenger.

How does that work?

How is that determined?


Who counts the votes?

Who checks on the results?

Who handles the votes until that time when, properly checked (by someone), the election results for the entire state are announced, put on our television screens, and the effect on the electoral college tally is shown, and for that election, that is that?

In other words, who - formally, and with authority - counts the votes and reports the results of the election, anywhere?

Is it possible to hack into that process - using the term loosely - and to simply have the result be whatever the hackers want it to be, to declare a winner irrespective of the number of votes cast in his/her favor, to make it be so because it is said to be so, and there is no effective recourse, no recount, to demonstrate that the announced results are, well, wrong, have been tampered with by someone, are . . . otherwise?

Because there are billions of dollars - lives, even - riding on the election results, winners and losers in an arena where thumbs are routinely put on the scales and results . . . changed, just like that.

Is there one person in each of the so-called swing states that can be gotten to, compromised, corrupted? And if there is, does that not make it relatively inexpensive to control election results just by writing a check . . . or two? To buy the results in the swing states and treat everything else as simply a distraction, unimportant, irrelevant?

I wonder.

Do you?



Somebody in an earlier post questioning the efficacy of this election commented "Poor Loser." Which is what the Baltimore Sun and MD Democrats cried in unison when Ellen Sauerbray petitioned her mugging by the simple expedient of in-a-flash! finding enough "new ballots" to steal her Governorship.

In Minnesota, it doesn't matter that a few hundred Dems have been jailed for voter fraud; Al Franken is still "Senator Al Franken".

I don't think the Blue Machine even has to worry about being caught anymore. They understand that, like in football, once the ball is snapped, the previous play is non-reviewable. For them, snapping the ball means media acceptance of an election result, without question. In-a-flash!

And if not . . .

Why not?


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