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Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 09:39:41 EST

Call it what you will, it is not politics . . .

Unless we let it be.


Spy vs FBI: "Petraeus was outed by the FBI who "stumbled across" evidence of the affair while investigating a computer security problem.

Meaning they hacked Petraeus’ email account and read through the archives looking for dirt, which was then used to destroy Petraeus after he and CIA refused to go along with the Benghazi coverup, and to discredit any testimony he might ever give on the matter.

No doubt his coterie at CIA have all somehow been likewise neutered.

And Holder — who supervises the FBI — will now retire, so that any role he might have played in this will henceforth be a dead letter.

Same for Hillary."

- A theory of Petraeus's retirement.

Quite believable, unlike the story currently being offered through the media to the gullible - to the unicorn believers - and even more sinister if, as some have suggested, the FBI dug up the email traffic with the paramour even before Petraeus was installed at the CIA.

Politics as usual?

Not in any world in which I would want to live.



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