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The Great Blue Norther
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 09:21:24 EST

Who knew?

Even before the grant seekers in the world of pseudo-science began calling "wolf" and thought up climate change, the weather was doing odd stuff from time-to-time.

blue norther

The Great Blue Norther

The Great Blue Norther of 11/11/1911 was a cold snap that affected the central United States on Saturday, November 11, 1911.

Many cities broke record highs, going into the 70s and 80s early that afternoon. By nightfall, cities were dealing with temperatures in the teens and single-digits on the Fahrenheit scale.

This is the only day in many midwest cities' weather bureau jurisdictions where the record highs and lows were broken for the same day. Some cities experienced tornadoes on Saturday and a blizzard on Sunday. A blizzard even occurred within one hour after an F4 tornado hit Rock County, Wisconsin.

The main cause of such a dramatic cold snap was an extremely strong storm system separating warm, humid air from frigid, arctic air.

You can only imagine what the excitable media would do with such a wide-spread weather phenomena today, the headlines that would be screaming out at us, the stories of imminent doom that would be written, the somber warnings of the end times upon us if we did not carbon tax ourselves further. give up our evil use of brown energy and go . . . green.

I confess that I like the 11/11/11 attached to the story, reminding us that, a century ago, people were writing such dates, perhaps without giving them - or the weather - a second thought.


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