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There Be Snow . . .
Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 11:18:21 EST

Not a lot outside this morning, but there, all the same - on the ground and on the cars, and on rooftops near and far - and that always means something, at least to me, even if the formal declaration of winter is still weeks away, next month.


It is not Currier & Ives material yet, but white is white, until it inevitably turns ugly and is unsupported by the temperatures of this time of year, and soon becomes but a memory.

first snow

But no pictures (other than, of course, mine), please.

The better photographing opportunities will come along, the Good Lord willing, and there's nothing about today's glop worth memorializing. It's the first of the season (the informal winter of November we have come to know well over the years), but quite forgettable, as it should be.

That said, I've chosen a whole gallery of snow scenes from the my photographs I've saved in this computer - one of which you see here - each to have its turn on my desktop for a day or two, maybe more, as the season progresses.

Snow flatters the winter sea nearby, as you will see here, too.

winter sea

And so begins the winter of our discontent, or mine, at least. A time for reflection - but it's always that for me, as you may have noticed - and for whatever changes I am able to engineer in my life during the long, dark nights and short days of enfeebled light now here and worsening until the solstice comes next month.

To see where, from here . . .

That may take me and mine.


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