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Topic: Just Thinking
Posted by Everyman - 08:17:38 EST

But this time, a declaration of dependence.



I worry for my country.

I worry for you; I worry for us.

Ask not what your government can do for you.

How very quaint an idea, how very . . . yesterday.

Well, no, maybe not yesterday, election/declaration day.

How very last millennium.

The government, which has no money of its own (in spite of its quite prolific printing presses), which has only your earnings to work with, to skim, is going to be asking you a similar question.

What (more) can you do for it?

We will, after a fashion, survive.

Will we thrive, as once we all dreamed we might?

The answer's out there, beyond the island.

Unknown and, apparently to too many of my fellow citizens . . .

Unknowable, at least for now.


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