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Topic: Just Thinking
Posted by Everyman - 09:52:39 EST



Two of my sons are persuaded to do what? - something?, nothing? - consistent with such thinking, which I suppose might involve staying away from the whole process today.

Or in some other fashion voting . . .


But the problem is, they are already booked on the voyage. They are going to sea, like it or not.

And the choice of the captain of the vessel may, indeed, get them to, or keep them from, any desirable destination, leaving them to sink or swim, or to go ashore into what may prove to be a hostile and unwelcoming world, and to live their lives as others determine, and not as they would or might decide.

Think it's preferable to leave the question of your fate entirely in the hands of others, to have no say in what it might be?

Think again.


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