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Election Day 2012
Topic: Just Wondering
Posted by Everyman - 14:24:11 EST

Is this the dawning of the Age of Authenticity?


And wouldn't it be wonderful if it is?

Speaking only for myself, I'm about up to here - and in fact, well beyond - with the fakery and trickery that's been a feature of our political culture for so many years. Not a bug. A feature.

A commitment to getting real would be a very good thing . . .

Starting today . . .

And making 11/6 a date to remember.


And how could an election without Ramirez ever be considered authentic?


Quite simply . . .

It couldn't.


A Post . . . post, to complete the picture.

post post

Probably not on the wall in any of those Philly voting places, I'm thinking.

As (**ahem**) it shouldn't be.


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