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Topic: Just Thinking
Posted by Everyman - 13:18:20 EDT

A question for our times:

Is there any place for a flying car in a low flow toilet culture?

flying car

The short answer is this:

To ask the question is to answer it.

A slightly longer answer, consistent with the short one, is offered by Sultan Knish (who calls himself that I know not why):

Flying cars don't have much of a place in a society with emissions standards, mandatory child seats, heavily taxed gasoline and government motor companies.

They have even less of a place in one that banned the lawn dart, requires photo ID's to purchase cough syrup and treats toothpaste as a weapon.

America has gone from a nation that idealized freedom and treated the car as a vehicle of autonomy to one overrun by central planners still dreaming of the perfect national rail system that no one will use, because unlike its graceful forebears, but like everything overseen by the humanitarian bureaucracy, it will be designed to crush the human spirit.

And crush it it will, because crush it it can. And that does not depend on what the meaning of "it" is.

It's just the way it is, Junior Birdmen.



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