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Topic: Muttering
Posted by Everyman - 10:02:20 EDT

There's that irresistible punning business again, of the one-off variety.

Someone stop me before I pun again.


For all their intellectual vanity, it is clear that the Left is not only incapable of organizing a root in a brothel, the brothel itself would be renamed a non-procreative recreational outlet; a place where lonely men could part with their hard-earned to have one off the wrist over dog-eared photographs of Margaret Mead while the organizers stood in the hallway arguing angrily about the phallic symbolism of the stairway banister.

What Onanistic influence is prompting these posts?

Strike me down if I know.

And what does that photograph, with its phallic nosing about, have to do with the subject at hand?

Strike me down again.

As I was saying . . .

Get the grandchildren here, stat!

I'm done now.


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