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Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 12:54:50 EDT

The Colorado Way.

Democrats here in my adopted state of Colorado did not want the new political documentary I hosted to see the light of day. They lost. This week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency injunction declaring that our movie deserved the same free-speech rights as a “traditional” (translation: old-guard liberal) news organization.

Voter fraud potential in Colorado?

No, no chance of that.

Or at least not too much.

Colorado secretary of state Scott Gessler, along with several county election clerks, have raised warning flags that a new state law that automatically mails a ballot to everyone is an engraved invitation to commit fraud.

"Sending ballots to people who did not even ask for them or have moved out of state is asking for trouble" he told me. For example, little can stop someone who collects discarded ballots from trash cans, fills out the ballots, and mails them in. Election workers are supposed to compare signatures on registration records with signed ballots. But if a person has a "witness" who signs the ballot on the witness line, then the signatures do not have to match and the vote is counted.

Secretary of State Gessler had futile arguments with Democratic state legislators last year who insisted on ramming a bill through that mandated Colorado become the only state in the nation with both all-mail balloting and same-day registration. Under same-day registration someone can register to vote online, have a mail ballot sent to them, and never physically show up to register or vote.

Other places that use same-day registration treat the vote as a provisional ballot pending verification. Colorado immediately counts the vote and there is no way to separate it out if the person who votes is later found ineligible. "We know people in other states with better integrity safeguards have cheated using the cover of these methods," Gessler told me. A decade ago, Melody Rose, then a liberal professor at Oregon State University, concluded that state’s vote-by-mail system "brings a perpetual risk of systemic fraud" in elections with razor-thin margins.

"Voter fraud is incredibly difficult to detect and prosecute, absent a direct confession," Gessler says as he notes that in other areas of law-breaking, we do not judge how much of it there is merely by the number of related prosecutions. But he also notes there is evidence of just how easy voter fraud is to commit.

Not too often.

James O’Keefe, the guerilla filmmaker who brought down the ACORN voter-registration fraudsters in 2010 and forced the resignation of NPR executives, politely disagrees. Today, he is releasing some new undercover footage that raises disturbing questions about ballot integrity in Colorado, the site of fiercely contested races for the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, and the governorship.

When he raised the issue of filling out some of the unused ballots that are mailed to every household in the state this month, he was told by Meredith Hicks, the director of Work for Progress, a liberal group funded by Democratic Super PACS.: "That is not even like lying or something, if someone throws out a ballot, like if you want to fill it out you should do it."

The video of O’Keefe’s encounters with other operatives is equally disturbing. He has a conversation with Greenpeace employee Christina Topping, and suggests he might have access to unused ballots from people who have recently moved out of college fraternity houses.

"I mean it is putting the votes to good use," she responds. "So really, truly, like yeah, that is awesome."

Wicked awesome, then?

Oh yeah . . .

That, too.


Cook County Calibration
Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 12:16:11 EDT

Hey, do they know how to "true" the vote in Cook County, Illinois . . .

Or what?

voter fraud

Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.

Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library.

"I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent," Moynihan said. "You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat."

It's commonly called, this sort of systematic voter fraud, "the Chicago Way", and it's been around for a very long time. Just ask Richard Nixon (if he were still around to tell you, which I am reliably informed he isn't, although he may still be eligible to vote in Cook County, Illinois, because for voters there, death really has no sting).

Anybody polling on this subject?

Of course not, because you couldn't.

Voter ID requirements?

For amateurs only.


Full Confession
Topic: Confession
Posted by Everyman - 11:10:28 EDT

If you confess to everything, you effectively confess to nothing.


Think about it.

That's all I'm sayin' . . .


Yeah, Right . . .
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 11:16:42 EDT

Dealing with the IRS today, trying to work out the details for the return of several thousand dollars taken from me - it was called a systemic problem when we, the IRS and I, chatted on the telephone not long ago - and so I could use some help with the red tape part of the process.


I'm not sure, but it still may take a miracle.

We'll see.


Take Care . . .
Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 11:11:40 EDT

Before you let anyone get a rise out of you, so to speak.

The warning of the day.


Oh Sure . . .
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 11:06:41 EDT

There's nothing like a quiet meal in a non-politically-correct restaurant.


Or there wouldn't be, if you could ever find one . . .


And good luck with that, Pilgrim.


None Too Far
Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 10:51:01 EDT

Our first really big bridge, the Tobin.


It will never be confused with the Golden Gate, for sure, or any other major bridge, for that matter.

But it's our bridge, and I recall when it was being built and opened our suburb to Boston, only eight miles away but in another universe if you had to drive there with any kind of frequency.

It's constantly under construction, needing paint - even in the lousy color of green assigned to it, coat after coat, with an inexplicable monotony - and it will win no beauty contests. It is just . . . there, which is its charm, its point, really.

It's just a bridge.

Which is all it has to be.


Pas Un Pipe
Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 13:31:04 EDT

We've seen this before here.

pas un pipe

Right after that last post, it seemed time to see it again.

And so we shall.


A Tiny Minority
Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 13:24:15 EDT

It seems to depend on who's counting, or claims to be, looking for said-to-be-hard-to-find radical, extreme Muslims, the Islamists often consigned to the realm of reassuring myth by our intellectual superiors in the media.

As in . . .

Truth be told, which it almost never is.


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