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Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 11:17:59 EDT

I have wicker furniture here in my chambers, as well as in the other rooms of the house-which-is-an-apartment-and-not-a-house.


And no, I have no thought of making something of that . . .

Sad truth be told.


Simple Math
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 11:08:32 EDT

Eight or nine on the wall.

It's unclear which.


It's also pretty clear that they should just enjoy the view.

That the "which" doesn't really matter.

And that the view, like each of them, isn't going anywhere . . .

Anytime soon.


Oh, I Dunno , , ,
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 10:54:46 EDT

Get it wherever and however you can, I say.


So, like, I might be.

And so far it's brought me absolutely nothing.

So, like . . .

It's working like a charm.

That's all I'm sayin'.


Levin's Right
Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 10:44:34 EDT

I'm also an Israel guy, a supporter at every turn.

Have been for many years, and likely always will be.

So, yeah, Levin's hit the nail on the head, and not for the first - nor likely the last - time.


Hot Doggin'
Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 10:37:03 EDT

I've actually been there, done that.

Watching it, I mean.

And yes, I'm still a hot dog guy, anytime I can be.

Is that crazy . . .

Or what?


End Of Days
Topic: Why Does It Matter?
Posted by Everyman - 10:22:32 EDT

Word on the street is that the month of July is about . . . done.

july 31

The implications of that are almost incalculable.

Summer 2/3 gone?

Boat-out-of-the-water time?

Closing up the camp on the horizon?

Back-to-school sales?

I'm not ready for any of that.

That's all.

And not likely to be, either . . .

Anytime soon.


Topic: Trying (Futilely) To Keep Up
Posted by Everyman - 13:44:44 EDT

Off The mark.

And we're the marks . . .


ocean plastic islands

100 cities banned plastic bags after Prof. Andrés Cozár said 100-million tons of plastic formed country-sized ocean islands.

Several of them were and are around here, most on the Left Bank of the Charles River, if you can believe that.

Settled science, don't you know.


More garbage in . . .

More garbage out.


The Gold Standard
Topic: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse
Posted by Everyman - 13:17:08 EDT

Many a slip . . .

Said the cup.

Mum's the word.


Weighty Matters
Topic: Just Thinking
Posted by Everyman - 13:06:52 EDT

My son, the Uber Plus Agent - he does other stuff besides being a Hollywood agent these days - writes on his Facebook page that a recent illness has left him considerable lighter on the scales.


I'm now down to 204lbs (6 less than when I checked into the hospital).

He has a birthday next week, and will turn 47 years old, a middling age to be sure, and one when the pounds really start to gather under the belt.

For reasons better left undisclosed here - or anywhere else for that matter - I happen to recall that I was tipping the scales at 212 pounds back in 1979, the heaviest I had ever been up to then, and that I was not very happy about that avoirdupois at all.

And I was just 38 years old at the time.

So . . . roughly, if not exactly, comparable.

Will he continue his downward course, get below 200 pounds, where he belongs, in the near future?

It is to be hoped.

Fingers crossed.


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